Thursday, March 5, 2009

What made me to start blogging

Every new blogger will say the same thing  "I got inspired by this blogger"......"I want to earn money for my daily needs"....some thing like this.

Coming to me I was a newbie in the past 6  years to Internet world.I dont know what are the things going around me.

Later when i started doing my Engineering,that was the time things actually tought me.

It is my passion to know about new technology and what is going on in the world.

Neverthless there should be a "Guru" for blogger who certainly would have inspired to start blogging.For me it is none other than "Amit Agarwal" of Digital Inspiration.

I can't find words to praise this professional and technical blogger who is really helping co-bloggers through a  lot of his effort.


_blade_ said...

Hi, i saw your post at labnol,
I was interested to know about adbrite u said u were using.

Im indian resident, i'd like to know some good or bad adbrite is and how much should I invest so as to get good returns from Adbrite.


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