Monday, March 2, 2009

Google Account disabled What to do?

Sorry, your account has been disabled
Well you are the one who got your Google account getting disabled.So you know the pain you feel for getting Google account disabled.

Why was it disabled?

Google had already created their own Terms of Services.Only if the user disobeys their TOS,they will disable the Google account.Also Spamming is another activity which lets you get into trouble.

What is disabled?

Some times entire Google account will be disabled.Else you will be restricted to use only some of the Google Services.In most of the cases the users will be loosing their Adsense or Orkut servies because of spamming/violation of TOS.

What should you do now?

There are a lot of other alternatives.

One thing is to honestly and confidently Contact Google team requesting for Re-activation of your account.You know some times some of the Google Accounts by mistake will be kept under scanner.So just try that. 


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