Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Koobface Worm/Virus attacks Facebook W32.KOOBFACE.B VIRUS

Recently we had ViddyHo Phishing attack on Google talk and Twitter. And now it is Facebook

Koobface Worm/Virus attacks Facebook W32.KOOBFACE.B VIRUS
 this this time in new threat.

 This virus emerged as a hot topic last year December 2008.This virus mainly spreads easily by just spoofing Youtube Video links.

How will you be affected?

First of all you will receive some sort of Youtube Video links.If you click on them,you will be redirected to some sites that will ask you to update some software versions.The update files will be mainly of the kind "setup.exe" which when installs,causes the damage by taking your personal information that is present in cookies of your browser.

So Facebook users be careful !!

More details on how this virus affects you can be known here


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