Saturday, March 14, 2009

Place Adsense Code just below Blog Title

Many of the new bloggers are really eager to know how to place Google Adsense Code right below the Blog Post Title.

But there is a restriction for this as one of the official blogpost of google adsense blog stated that it is not the correct way to place and it violates their TOS unless you refer there as Advertisements or Sponsors.

So follow these simple steps.

1. Here it shows before placing adsense ads.
ads below post title
2.Now you have to create adsense code from "Adsense Setup" of your adsense account.

3.The code that you got finally is Copied[CTRL+C].

4.Now open the Parser.

5.Place your adsense code in the text box provided there.

6.Then click on "Parse" button.

7.Take that Parsed code and search for post-body entry-content and paste just below the div class "post body entry content" as shown below.This will be just above[data:post.body] .
parse the code to place ads below post
8.Now save your template.

9.The result is you can see the ads just below the post  title.

placeads below title


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