Thursday, March 12, 2009

How to add favicon in

How to add favicon in
Adding a favicon to your blog will give a nice look to your blog.So i too made a favicon for Techkran Blog and here i'm giving simple tutorial of adding a favicon to a Blog.First of all create your own favicon.After creating favicon,host the favicon in There are a lot of sites for hosting your images.

How to add a favicon?

This is the HTML you have to add.Replace the "/favicon.ico" by your link.

Where should you add the code?

The code should be placed in the head section of the template.Here i placed just below [/b:skin ]and above [/head]

What is the code part you have to add.?

Instead of the given link for the favicon ,replace the link with the one you have created.So after adding the code part the template should look like this.

How to add favicon in

Once after placing the code,just "Save template".Add the you will be able to see your favorite favicon to your blog


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