Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Get free international calls from Gizmo OpenSky(pe)

Yes it is true that Gizmo provides free international calls now with Opensky[pe].Once the service used to provide 10 minutes per registered user in 2007-2008.Later it was providing just 5 minutes.

Any software?
Get free international calls from Gizmo OpenSky(pe)

No need of any software explicitly.You can call by just installing a Gizmocall Plugin of 1 Mb.Apart from that if you are a regular user then you can go for this software.

How to call ?

You can type in the number you want to call preceeded by the country ISD code in the provided box.

The above was a yesteryear's scenario.But now it tied a knot with Skype and got into new name Opensky.

It also offers GizmoCall Firefox Add-on, or install our Firefox Plugin right now which will automatically make any phone number on a web page clickable and place a call via GizmoCall.

Register here to get into calling right now


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