Sunday, February 22, 2009

Yahoo's new multimedia advertising-A threat to Google Adsense?

Yahoo ! which is search gaint Google's competiter is steppimg into new innovative ideas to attract advertisers.Yahoo had introduced new multimedia type of ads as a part of its advertising scheme for all its publishers.

Yahoo!Shopping Search in Advertisement
Above is the simple search facility mechanism that Yahoo adopted as a part of its Advertisements. But we know Google's Adsense is  far most the better way all the advertisers choose for advertising their products.Can Yahoo's new ideas become a threat to Google's Adsense !.Anyhow Yahoo had sent invitations only to a few advertisers.Pedigree, Esurance and Razorfish are some of them.

In these multimedia type of advrtisements,we can see images,videos next to the text links.After clicking the images,there can be videos.

So Yahoo is trying all the possible ways to lead the  search market!


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