Sunday, July 19, 2009

How to remove "This site may harm your Computer"

Today morning I was a little bit scared when I saw the traffic stats of one of my affiliated blogs.There was no traffic when I saw in the morning.The reason is that the blog has been flagged as "This site may harm your Computer". in the Google search results.

What is wrong with that blog I really don't know.I made a detailed study of the issue and finally got the issue resolved within 6 hours.It was really a threatening scene for me as I saw this message in the Google Search.Then I went to Safebrowsing which will check about the suspicious activities of a site.There "This site is not currently listed as suspicious." is the message for my blog.

So finally I went into Google Webmaster Tools Dashboard and saw the message as shown in the image.When I clicked the "Details" there expanded explanation regarding the issue can be seen.Previously it had shown one URL indicating that there is malware in one url.But how can this happen as the blog is hosted in So i wanted to contact them. As you can see that there will be a "Request Review" Link.There I gave detailed report regarding the same and finally got out from the problem to some extent.

"Status of the latest badware review for this site: A review for this site has finished. The site was found clean. The badware warnings from web search are being removed. Please note that it can take some time for this change to propagate. Google users will see a warning page when they attempt to visit pages within this site. You can visit the Google Safe Browsing diagnostic page for your site for detailed information about the problems we found.

Please review's Security Tips for Websitesand make any necessary changes to your site. When you have cleaned your site, you can request a review, and we'll evaluate your site. Request a review"

I have to see how much time will it take for removing this message in the Webmaster Dashboard.


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